Sneakers Millioner Classic Crazy Blue

Color: Crazy Blue
Size: 39-44
Material: skin
Closure type: lacing
Shoe Lining Material: 100% Genuine leather
Shoe sole material: TEP (Thermoplastics)
Insole material: 100% genuine leather
Shoe fullness: (EUR)F (6)
Model features: quality, comfort, sporty style
Country of manufacture: Russia

This model of sneakers is the hallmark of the Choice of a Millioner brand. The sneakers are completely made of genuine leather. You will be impressed by the convenience of these sneakers, proven over the years.

The lining of the shoe is made of the finest lining leather, which allows the foot to breathe and not slip when worn. The insole is made of silicone and covered with leather.

This model is larger by one size, pay attention to this. Suitable for both a wide leg and a narrow one.

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