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About us

Millioner - represents one of the domestic shoe manufacturers in the Russian market.

The Millioner trademark is a Russian, dynamically developing brand of men's shoes and accessories, founded in Moscow in 2010, which successfully operates in the shoe market of Russia and neighboring countries and produces fashionable products of excellent quality.

Our mission and values

The company specializes in the production and wholesale of men's shoes made of natural materials of domestic and imported production. The main direction of Millioner shoes is Youth and Casual style. Today Millioner has a well-developed network of wholesale buyers in different cities of Russia and CIS countries, where magnificent seasonal collections are presented, the number of models in which can number up to 500 articles of shoes and accessories.

The success and relevance of the Millioner brand is the result of a constant search for new ideas, perfect shapes and high-quality materials, their creative understanding and embodiment in fashionable and elegant models of shoes and accessories that bring their owners only joy and pleasure.

Years on the market
1 117
We deliver goods to so many cities in Russia
We plan to please customers by the end of 2022
About us

From the very first sketch, the design and color solutions of the models are carefully worked out in order to most advantageously emphasize their original style. Most of the work is done manually, which gives excellent quality at every stage of production.


The talent and unique design flair of the Millioner creative team, and most importantly, the constant desire to embody new, interesting ideas, allow the brand to remain always relevant and fashionable.


Millioner fans love him for his verified style and huge assortment, which give them complete freedom of creativity and the opportunity to create fashionable images again and again, complementing them with new stylish elements.

We sell models of shoes of our own production from the highest quality materials, made by hand with love, in which we invest a piece of our soul.
We appreciate
comfort and convenience
Artem Nikolaevich
Карпенко Артем Николаевич
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